Senior Chemist, Ames Laboratory

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Distinguished Professor of Sciences and Humanities

Iowa State University

Ames, IA 50011

phone 515-294-3086



1948                B.S., University of Washington

1952                Ph.D., University of Washington

1952-present   Iowa State University

1968-73           Chemistry Division Chief, Ames Laboratory and Chairman, Department of Chemistry

1974-78           Program Director for Materials Chemistry

1979, 1986      Visiting Scientist, Max-Planck-Institute für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart

1979                Oxford University

1986                J. Liebig University, Giessen

1985                A. v. Humboldt Senior Award

1986                American Chemical Society Award in Inorganic Chemistry

1987                DOE Awards in Materials Chemistry: Outstanding Scientific Accomplishments

1995                Sustained Outstanding Research,

1992                National Academy of Sciences

2000                ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry



National Academy Sciences

Fellow, AAAS

Two American Chemical Society National Awards in Inorganic Chemistry

John C. Bailar Jr. Medal in Inorganic Chemistry

Midwest and Iowa (ACS) Awards

Two DOE Awards in Materials Chemistry

A.v. Humboldt Sr. Scientist Award.



Chemistry of intermetallic systems: systematics and new chemistry afforded by interstitial atoms; polar systems, homoatomic clusters, Zintl phases; hydride errors in intermetallic phases.



“Zintl Phases Among the Earlier Post-Transition Elements and Some of their Properties, Bonding Features, and Complications,” J.D. Corbett, Symposium on Intermetallic and Zintl Phases, New York National ACS meeting, Sept. 2003.

“Some Problems with Closed Shell Expectations in Zintl Phase Compounds of the Post-Transition Elements,” J.D. Corbett, Symposium on Contemporary Aspects of Chemical Bonding, New York National ACS Meeting, Sept. 2003.

“The Role of Hydrogen in Stabilizing New Phases or Altering Old Ones”J.D. Corbett

      Plenary Lecture, International Symposium of Metal Hydrides, Annecy France, Sept. 2002.



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