Distinguished Technion Professor, The Philip Tobias Chair, Department of Materials Engineering

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 32000 Israel

phone 011-972-4-829-4299




1966                B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Technion

1968                M.S., Materials Engineering, Technion

1972                Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Technion

1972-1975       National Research Council, Post Doctoral Research Associate, Aerospace Research Laboratories, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

1975-1977       Lecturer, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel

1977-1984       Senior Lecturer, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel

1981-1989       Visiting Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

1984-1986       Associate Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Haifa, Israel

1986-1998       Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion, Haifa

1989-1997       Visiting Professor, Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins, University, Baltimore, Maryland

1997-present   Visiting Professor, UMBC, Baltimore, Maryland

1998-present   Member, Israel Academy of Sciences (Chair of the Science Division as of 2001); Member, National Academy of Engineering (USA); Distinguished Professor of the Technion



The EMETH Science Prize, 2002

Honorary Doctorate, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 2002

Elected Honorary member of the French Physical Society, 2000

The Muriel & David Jacknow Technion Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2000

Elected member of the American National Academy of Engineering, 2000

The Aminoff Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2000

The Wolf Prize in Physics, 1999

Elected Honorary Member of ISIS-Symmetry, 1998

Appointed a Distinguished Professor of the Technion, 1998

The Israel Prize in Physics, 1998

Elected Honorary Member of IMRS (Indian Materials Research Society), 1997

Elected member of the Israel Academy of Sciences, 1996

The Weizmann Science Award, 1993

The Rothschild Prize in Engineering, 1990

The Philip Tobias Chair, 1989

The New England Academic Award of the Technion, 1988

The International Award for New Materials of the American Physical Society, 1987

The Physics Award of the Friedenberg Fund for the Advancement of Science and Education, 1986



Microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium aluminides; Microstructure and properties of rapidly solidified metallic alloys; The discovery of the Icosahedral Phase, the first quasi-periodic phase, its crystallography and some of its properties; Nucleation and growth of CVD diamond films; Development of new magnesium alloys.



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