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Materials Chemistry and Biomolecular Materials Program
Ames Laboratory,
Iowa State University
142 Spedding Hall
Ames, IA 50011 USA
Phone: 1-515-294-7568
FAX: 1-515-294-4709


Visiting Scientist

Dr.Ashok Ganguli (working with Dr. Corbett) (1/04-12/04)

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Bin Li (working with Dr. Corbett)
Dr. Li received his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2000 from the University of Science and Technology of China under the direction of Prof. Yi Xie and Prof. Yatai Qian

Dr. Jing-Cao Dai
(working with Dr. Corbett)

Dr. Evgenii Levin (working with Dr. Schmidt-Rohr)
Dr. Levin is a Lecturer with the ISU Department of Physics and Astronomy and conducts research with Dr. Schmidt-Rohr.

Graduate Students

Zhihong Tang (working with Dr. Akinc)

Xiang Wei (working with Dr. Akinc)

Amie Yang (working with Dr. Dr. Corbett)

Ankit Agarwal (working with Dr. Mallapragada)

Mike Determan (working with Dr. Mallapragada)

Aditya Rawal (working with Dr. Schmidt-Rohr)

Qiang Chen (working with Dr. Schmidt-Rohr)

Baris Unal (working with Dr. Thiel)

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