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Bruce A. Cook
Ames Laboratory-USDOE
Associate Metallurgist
Amorphous & Aperiodic Focus Area
221 Metals Development
Tel: 515-294-9673
Fax: 515-294-8727

B.S. 1978, Drake University; M.S. 1981, Solid State Physics, The University of Iowa; Ph.D. 1999, Iowa State University; Technical Staff Member, Control Data Corporation, 1981-84; Technical Staff Member, PDS, Inc., 1984-87; Ames Laboratory, 1987-present.

Structure and properties of ultra-hard and degradation-resistant materials. Thermoelectric energy conversion materials. High temperature selective emitter materials and semiconductors. Powder metallurgy, mechanical alloying, and development of unique metastable compounds by solid state synthesis. Electrical and thermal characterization of materials. Properties of intermetallic compounds. Pb-free solder alloys. Synthesis and properties of nanophase particles by spark erosion.

B.A. Cook, A.M. Russell, J.A. Harringa, A.J. Slager, and M.T. Rohe
“A new ductile binder phase for use with AlMgB
14 and other ultra-hard ceramics,” J. Alloys Compd., Vol. 366, 145 (2004).

B.A. Cook, A. Ahmed, S. Bahadur, and A.M. Russell
“Belt abrasion resistance and cutting tool wear studies on new ultra-hard boride materials,” Tribology Int. (submitted).

B.A. Cook, I.E. Anderson, J.L. Harringa, and S.K. Kang
“Isothermal aging of near-eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu solder alloys and its effect on electrical resistivity,” J. Electron. Mater., Vol. 32, 1384 (2003).

Y. Tian, G. Li, N.L. Wang, B.A. Cook, A.P. Constant, A.M. Russell, and J.E. Snyder
“Electrical transport in amorphous semiconducting AlMgB14 films,” Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 85, 967 (2004).

P.B. Wheelock, B.A. Cook, J.L. Harringa, and A.M. Russell
“Phase changes induced in hexagonal boron nitride by high energy mechanical milling,” J. Mater. Sci., Vol. 39, 343 (2004).


  • DOE Outstanding Achievement Award, "Improved Thermoelectrics Materials," sponsored by the Office of Space Nuclear Power, 1998
  • Hancher-Finkbine Award, sponsored by the University of Iowa to an alumnus who has made a significant contribution in his or her field, 2001