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Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr.
Ames Laboratory-USDOE
Senior Metallurgist
Extraordinary & Responsive Rare Earth Materials Area and Mechanical Behavior and Defects Area
255 Spedding Hall
Iowa State University
Anson Marston
Distinguished Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Tel: 515-294-7931
Fax: 515-294-9579

B.S. 1952, University of Detroit; Ph.D. 1957, Iowa State University; Staff Member and Section Leader, Chemistry and Metallurgy Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1957-63; Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University, 1963-present.

Alloy theory of metallic systems and the physical metallurgy of the rare-earth elements. Current work includes the preparation of high purity rare-earth metals and single crystals of the pure metals, intermetallic phases and refractory non-metallic compounds; low temperature (1-350 K) high magnetic field (0-10 T) heat capacity magnetic and electrical studies of highly correlated f-band electron systems (heavy fermions, spin fluctuators, spin glass materials), superconductors, rare-earth metal- and intermetallic-hydride phases, and magnetic refrigeration materials; ductile intermetallic compounds; and coupled magnetostructural transitions.

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  • Senior Editor of the Handbook of the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths, 1976 - present
  • Board of Advisory Editors of the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 1978 - 2006
  • William Hume-Rothery Award of The Metallurgical Society of AIME, 1978
  • Distinguished Professor in Sciences and Humanities, Iowa State University, 1979, title changed to Anson Marston Distinguished Professor, College of Engineering, 1986
  • Co-winner of the Department of Energy's 1982 Materials Sciences Research Competition in Metallurgy and Ceramics: Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment Category
  • The paper "Physical properties and interrelationships of metallic and semimetallic elements" (Solid State Physics, Vol. 16, p. 275-426, 1964) was named a CITATION CLASSIC by Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, 1984
  • Burlington Northern Award for Excellence in Research, Iowa State University, 1989
  • Fellow of the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society, 1990
  • Fellow of the American Society for Materials International, 1990
  • Frank H. Spedding Award, Rare Earth Research Conference, 1991
  • Board Governors of Acta Materialia, Inc., 1992-2006: Chairman, 1996-2006
  • Honorary member of the Materials Research Society of India, 1993
  • Russell B. Scott Award for Best Research Paper, Cryogenic Engineering Conference, 1995
  • Board of Directors of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, 1997-2003
  • David R. Boylan Eminent Faculty Award in Research, College of Engineering, Iowa State University, 1997
  • Significant Implication in Metallurgy and Ceramics, “The Giant Magnetocaloric Effect Materials, Gd5(SixGe1-x)4, and their Impact on Refrigeration Technologies,” Department of Energy's Materials Science Research Competition, 1997
  • 1998 Iowa Distinguished Faculty in Engineering Annual Lecture at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Honorary member of the European Rare Earth and Actinide Society, 1998
  • Award of Excellence for a Technical Paper, “Magnetic Cooling for Appliances,” presented at the 50th Annual International Appliance Technical Conference, West Lafayette, Indiana, May 10-12, 1999
  • Science Alumnus of the Year 2000, University of Detroit, Mercy, 2000
  • Energy 100 Award for research on magnetic refrigeration from the U.S. Department of Energy as one of the 100 discoveries and innovations between 1997 and 2000 that resulted in improvements for American consumers, 2001
  • Honorary Membership in the Japan Institute of Metals, 2001
  • 2002 Federal Laboratory Consortium’s Mid-Continent Award for Outstanding Regional Partnership between DOE’s Ames Laboratory (AL) and Astronautics Corporation of America (ACA) on “Magnetic Refrigeration Technology”
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2002
  • The Ames Laboratory was named a winner of a “’03 Innovative Housing Technology Award – the Coming of Age Award for the Magnetic Refrigerator,” 2003
  • Elected member of the National Academy of Engineering, 2007