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Ryan T. Ott
Ames Laboratory-USDOE
Associate Scientist
105 Metals Development
Tel: 515-294-3616
Fax: 515-294-8727

B.S. 1999, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Michigan Technological University
M.S. 2003, Ph.D. 2004, Materials Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
2004-present, Ames Laboratory (USDOE)

Synthesis, structure, and mechanical behavior of amorphous and nanostructured alloys and composites. Synchrotron radiation studies of the atomic structure and phase transformations of amorphous alloys. Using in situ X-ray scattering to examine the atomic-scale and micromechanical deformation behavior of amorphous and nanostructured alloys.

R.T. Ott, M. Heggen, M. Feuerbacher, E.S. Park, D.H. Kim, M.J. Kramer, M.F. Besser, and D.J. Sordelet
“Anelastic strain and structural anisotropy in homogeneously deformed Cu 64.5Zr 35.5 metallic glass,” Acta Mater. (in press).

R.T. Ott, X.Y. Yang, D.E. Guyer, S. Chauhan, and D.J. Sordelet
"Synthesis of high-strength W-Ta ultrarine-grain composites," J. Mater. Res., Vol. 23, 133 (2008).

M.I. Mendelev, D.K. Rehbein, R.T. Ott, M.J. Kramer, and D.J. Sordelet
"Computer simulation and experimental study of elastic properties of amorphous Cu-Zr alloys," J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 102 (2007).

R.T. Ott, F. Sansoz, T. Jiao, D. Warner, C. Fan, J.F. Molinari, K.T. Ramesh, and T.C. Hufnagel
"Yield criteria and strain-rate behavior of Zr 57.4Cu 16.4Ni 8.2Ta 8Al 10 metallic-glass-matrix composites" Metall. Mater. Trans. A, Vol. 37A, 3251 (2006).

R.T. Ott, M.J. Kramer, M.F. Besser, and D.J. Sordelet
"High-energy X-ray measurements of structural anisotropy and excess free volume in a homogenously deformed Zr-based metallic glass," Acta Mater., Vol. 54, 2463 (2006).