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Recent and Upcoming Presentations:


September 2008

September 2-5, 2008
2008 International Symposium on Materials for Enabling Nanodevices, Tainan, Taiwan

I.E. Anderson, "Development of Advanced Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Ag-Cu-X Pb-free Solders for Robust Electronic Assembly." (Invited)

September 9, 2008
Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

K.A. Gschneidner, Jr., "The R5(Si,Ge)4 Systems - A Scientific Treasure House of Magnetic, Thermal and Structural Phenomena." (Invited)

September 22-23, 2008
Computational Materials Science Network, Princeton, NJ

J.D. Monk, "Solid-liquid Interface Mobility in Cu-Zr Alloys."

October 2008

October 3-4, 2008
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

D.J. Sordelet, "Metallic Glasses: Ideal Model Materials for Combined Experimental and Computational Treatments." (Invited)

October 5-9, 2008
Materials Science & Technology 2008 Conference and Exhibition (MS&T '08), Pittsburgh, PA

I.E. Anderson, 1) "Synthesis of Nano-metric Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Stainless Steels from Gas Atomized Precursor Powders," 2) "Minimal Alloy Additions for Both Nucleation Control and Thermal Aging Resistance of Near-Eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Joints," and 3) "How to Succeed in a Government Lab by Really Trying." (All Invited)

I. Kalay, "Crystallization Kinetics and Thermal Stability of Cu-Zr Amorphous Alloys."

C. Ma, "The Effect of Particle Size on Magnetic Properties in Multiferroic YMn2O5 Powders". (Invited)

R.E. Napolitano, ""Phase Stability and Selection in Al-Sm Binary Alloys." (Invited)

October 13-17, 2008
Dislocations 2008 Conference, Hong Kong, China

S.B. Biner, "Solute and Dislocation Junction Interactions."

October 27-31, 2008
Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM) 2008 Conference, Tallahassee, FL

S.B. Biner, "The Role of Solute Segregation on the Evolution and Strength of Dislocation Junctions." (Invited)

November 2008

November 10-14, 2008
53rd Annual Conference on Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, Austin, TX

M.J. Kramer, "Microstructure Analysis of a Bilayer Sm-Co/Fe Graded Exchange Spring Permanent Magnet."

W. Tang, "Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of Gas Atomized MRE2(Fe, Co)14B powder with ZrC addition (MRE=Nd+Y+Dy)."

Y-Q. Wu, "Correlation of the Energy Product with Evolution of the Nanostructure in the Y, Dy, Nd - (Fe, Co) - B Magnetic Alloy."

November 15, 2008
University of Texas, Arlington, TX

M.J. Kramer, "Using the Modern STEM to Unravel the Nanostructure in Rare Earth Permanent Magnets." (Invited)

November 16-21, 2008
2008 AlChE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

R. Sknepnek, "Ordering of Nanoparticles Mediated by End-Functionalized Triblock Copolymers."

December 2008

December 1-5, 2008
2008 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA

M.J. Kramer, "Experimental and Ab Initio Studies of the Molten Zr2Ni Compound."

M.I. Mendelev, "Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Changes in Structure of Amorphous Cu-Zr Alloys Associated with Deformation."

R.T. Ott, "Peak Width Changes in the Reciprocal- and Real-space Distribution Functions for Elastically and Plastically Deformed Cu64.5 Zr35.5 Alloys."

P. Ray, "Phase Stability of A15 Mo3Si with Nb and W Additions."

January 2009

January 7-14, 2009
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

V.P. Antropov, "Exchange Coupling in Multiferroics."