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Building Blocks Applicable to Quasicrystals (Zometools)

Quasicrystal [encyclopedia article at]

Fibonacci Numbers

Penrose Quilt

Three sites rich with materials about pentagonal geometries and Pentrose tilings:

Pentagonal geometrics

Penrose tilings


Quasicrystal Research at Northwestern University

Icosahedral Teapot

An Introduction to Quasicrystals by Ron Lifshitz

Color Symmetry in Quasicrystals

Focus Program on Quasicrystals in Germany

Quasicrystal Research at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Matter & Radiation in Paris, France

Quasicrystal Art by Eleni Mylonas

Quasicrystal Research at the National Research Institute for Metals

Quasicrystal Research at the University of Liverpool

Quasicrystal Research at the University of Munich

Quasicrystal Research at the University of Tuebingen

Quasicrystals at the University of Houston


Crystal Structures

Thiel Group Homepage

Zeitschrift fuer Kristallographie

October 2000, published Proceedings of the Workshop on Quasicrystal Structure Analysis

Steffen Weber's Quasicrystal Webpage

Quasicrystal Online Database

Periodic Surface Explorer


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