Publications with Ames Authors

New Publications


(primary contact: Patricia A. Thiel)

Growth and Preparation of Quasicrystalline Samples

(primary contact: Thomas A. Lograsso)

Coatings and Thin Films

(primary contact: Daniel J. Sordelet)

Surface and Interface Properties

(primary contacts: Cynthia J. Jenks or Patricia A. Thiel)

Mechanical Properties

(primary contact: Matthew J. Kramer)

Bulk Properties of Quasicrystals: Structural, Electronic, Magnetic, and Dynamical

(primary contact: Alan I. Goldman)

Polymer Composites

(primary contact: Surya Mallapragada)

Metallic Glasses

(primary contact: Daniel J. Sordelet)

To obtain access to a library of publications published by members of the quasicrystal research community at large click here.

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