GPEXTEND library for use with GENPLOT

What GPEXTEND does....
    GPEXTEND allows users to create functions for fitting where the parameters of the fit are automaticaly saved if the user exits GENPLOT or loads another fitting function.  All functions generated with GPEXTEND should be called from a macro which is GPEXTEND compatible (see the Additional Documentation for info).  One macro should be created for each different parameter set you wish to have saved (ie.  If you want to save the parameters for one set of data, say h2o1.ref, then you should create a macro called.. say "h2o1.mac".  Then if you had another data (called h2o2.ref) you would create a second macro called "h2o2.mac" to store the parameters for that data).
How GPEXTEND works...

    Basically you supply the UserInit() funciton which is called by GENPLOT when loading the user function, and a function which is to be fit (I suggest the name of the function be FitFunc(....)).  GPEXEND provides the UserExit() function which takes care of saving the parameters when the user loads another function or exits GENPLOT.  All functions written using GPEXTEND should be called from a macro file which sets the GENPLOT "MacroName" variable to the name of the macro in which the data should be stored.  GPEXTEND also provides a couple of functions for retrieving arrays and strings from GENPLOT (see gpextend.h for details).  Also see Creating user functions in GENPLOT using "gpextend.lib" for more info.

    The source code for GPEXTEND is located in the following directory:


    This directory contains the following files of interest:


    See "gpextend.h" for description of the functions associated with GPEXTEND.
    See "gpextend.c" for the actual code involved with GPEXTEND.

    "update.bat" should be used to compile the library.  After compilation the "gpextend.lib" file is placed in the appropriate directory (also "gpexted.h" is copied to the GENPLOT "include" directory).