Startup Procedure for the X-Ray Generator

  • Open water valves for the heat exchanger. These are the two valves on the facility water pipes.
  • Turn on the heat exchanger. Make sure the level of flow is at 8 gallons per minute, the pressure is 50 psi, and the temperature is set to 65 degrees F.
  • Turn on breaker on back panel of the x-ray generator.
  • Turn on the vacum pump (this is the "start" button on the front panel of the generator). The pump light should flash. Use the cursor on the front panel to "Check IG".
DON'T turn on x-rays until IG reads < 150mV
  • Make sure the doors are closed on the enclosure, the cap is on the monochromator with the magnets lined up, and the door to the x-ray hutch is closed.
  • Turn the power on (this is the green "on" button).
  • Turn on the x-rays. Light for the x-rays should come on (this is the red light on the top of the enclosure).
At this point you should go to the UltraX18 log book and record: the time, voltage, current, and make a note that the x-rays are being turned on. You may also wish to record the x-ray up time on the back of the generator.

NOTE: All power changes should be recorded with the time of change.